Recruit Venture Group




The Recruit Venture Group is the largest joint venture organisation of its kind in the UK, whose sole aim is to turn recruitment professionals’ dreams of owning their own business into reality.

The Recruit Venture Group have successfully, created and supported over 50 recruiters on their journey from employee to owner and have launched 46 successful recruitment agencies so far, with ambitious growth plans for the future.

For Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group, and his team, it is about giving recruiters everything they need on a plate to launch and scale up their business.

Paul’s team not only offer recruiters 100% risk-free funding, with no personal outlay, but also realise that the best way to grow a business is for recruiters to focus on what they are good at, filling jobs.

That is why The Recruit Venture Group provide full back office support to their joint venture partners; meaning they don’t need to worry about Accounts, Credit Control, HR, IT, Marketing or Payroll.

Because recruiters who partner with The Recruit Venture Group, are allowed to focus on winning business and filling jobs, they are able to grow their business quicker than on their own.

The support provided by The Recruit Venture Group puts recruiters at an unrivalled advantage and that is why every venture has the same comment “I wish I had done it years ago”.

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