Recruiter’s Charity of the Year

Since 2011, Recruiter has designated a Charity of the Year to receive publicity and proceeds from fund-raising activities at Recruiter Awards.

Recruiter‘s Charity of the Year for 2023 is LTSB.

LTSB is a social mobility charity supporting bright young people aged 16 to 24 from disadvantaged backgrounds and overlooked communities across the UK. Since 2012, we have worked with over 1300 young people who are at risk of unemployment or a lifetime of under-employment and supported them into sustainable careers with top tier corporations. We make a difference in four stages:

  • Promoting opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Preparing young people for the workplace, and the workplace for young people
  • Placing candidates in careers, stewarding and contextualising their application
  • and Pastoral Care – providing an additional support network for the first year of their career.

We’re the bridge that connects young people who face multiple barriers with careers equal to their ambition and ability, changing their lives and those around them for the long term.

“We are delighted to have been chosen as the official charity partner of this year’s Recruiter Awards and Investing in Talent Awards. Our mission at LTSB is to connect young people with high-quality careers in a range of professional sectors. To be connected to such a relevant and prestigious awards ceremony will help us raise our profile and increase the awareness of our work within the recruitment space. It will also help ensure that as many disadvantaged young people as possible are developing the relevant skills, tools and networks needed to thrive in the professional world. Thank you Recruiter!”

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