2014 Winners stories

Don’t just take our word for it – Recruiter’s Investing in Talent Awards are the ones to win.


Tom O’Loughlin, Associate Director, Nicoll Curtin, talks about the difference winning the 2014 Recruiter Investing in Talent Award for the Most Inspiring Team Leader/Manager has made to his business and to him personally:
“It’s created a buzz. With all the coverage and announcement on our web site, it’s raised the profile of both Nicoll Curtin and our Swiss office, and we’ve had an increase in our ability to recruit in the market. When we’re hiring now, we ask candidates, ‘Why come and join us?’ They say, ‘This is definitely a place I want to be – where I’ll be given opportunities, and I can get promoted quickly.’
“Obviously, it’s a very gratifying thing for me personally. It’s really helped in raising my personal profile. I was a manager, now I’m an associate director – I’m sure the Award had something to do with that.
“And now because of my experience, it’s helped us put a structure in place to help develop other people.”


Kim McInally, Head of Relationship Management & Delivery, Grovelands talks about winning the 2014 Recruiter Investing in Talent Award for Best Contractor Care (UK)

“And when we’d won, I went through the entry we’d done, and thought ‘What else can we do for our associates (contractors)?’ Our entry has become our baseline, our ‘ground zero’.””And when we’d won, I went through the entry we’d done, and thought ‘What else can we do for our associates (contractors)?’ Our entry has become our baseline, our ‘ground zero’.””Winning gave us the recognition, a lot of pride and then that focus to know we were on the right track, with all of the travelling and hard work we’d done. It gave us that renewed focus to put new ideas in place.


Adam Knight, TXM Recruit team leader, recalls the moment when he was announced the winner of Most Inspiring Newcomer in Recruiter’s2014 Investing in Talent Awards
“Winning this Award really meant the world to me. I will never forget my name being read out, and going up to collect my Award. All my working life, I have worked hard but never really got anywhere or been rewarded for it in any way. The smile on my dad’s face when I showed him my Award is something I will never forget. The Award was the perfect end to the first chapter of my career at TXM Recruit.”


Toni Cocozza, chief executive of IT recruitment firm DP Connect, explains the difference that winning the Most Effective Flexible Working Strategy category in 2014’s Investing in Talent made to her business

“It helped underpin to clients how serious we are about our own flexible working strategy and wider diversity and inclusion policies. That gives us credibility as a leading advisor to client on flexible working initiatives because we have been recognised for our own strategies.
“And for me, it was recognition that 25 years ago, we started the business on a flexible working philosophy – with a young YTS (apprentice) person, a mother returning to work and two women who did canvassing from their own homes. Twenty-five years later, we have continued that essence of the business.”


Healthcare recruiter Team24 earned a commendation in Recruiter’s 2014 Investing in Talent Awards in the Best Temporary Workforce Care (Volume) category. Managing director Sue Ticquet describes the impact the commendation has had on clients, candidates and Team24’s own employees.

“We’ve also found that candidates we have not worked with before have been impressed by the commendation which has led to an increase in the number registering with us and choosing to work through us.“Our clients have reacted particularly well to the commendation, as having this endorsement promotes the fact that we work just as hard for our candidates as our clients…particularly at a time when there’s such a shortage of talent.
“…And it’s proved to be a fantastic motivational tool for our employees. It meant a great deal to me to see the impact on our staff, particularly amongst our resourcing division that works so hard to ensure candidates are treated with respect.”


Guy Hayward, chief executive, Goodman Masson, explains how Recruiter’s Investing in Talent Awards are aligned to his company’s business strategy

“I hold the view that now is the time that employees should expect more from their employer. I think the more I can do as an individual to influence this workforce change, the better. Winning an award helps place us at the centre of changing how businesses look after their people, and it excites me. Just think, if everybody woke up in the morning excited about going to work…what would the impact be on the productivity of businesses?”

“We have been very open about our strategic ambition: ‘To treat our people better than any other business in the UK’. The Awards complement our ambition perfectly.”